Esposito's Maplewood III
Party Tray Menu

Orders should be placed 3 days in advance. We have included the approximate portion size per person for each menu item. Portion size and total requirements may vary based on how many items you offer your guests. Satisfaction is guaranteed.

Each full tray serves about approx 16 to 20 people

  Appetizers - Hors d'oeuvres    
Spinach Artichoke Balls $1.00 per piece
  Spinach, Artichoke, Gouda and White cheddar cheese saltine cracker coating, dill dipping sauce    
Crab Balls $1.50 per piece

Lump crab, red bell pepper, celery, and seasonings then breaded and fried

golden brown served wiith a tangy tarter sauce

Shrimp Cocktail $2.00 per piece
  Jumbo {U15} white shrimp served with cocktail sauce and lemon    
Clams Casino $1.00 per piece
  Little neck clams topped with cheese & bacon broiled golden brown    
Bacon Wrapped Shrimp $2.25 per piece
  Jumbo {U15} white shrimp stuffed with horseradish    
Bacon Wrapped Scallops $2.50 per piece
  Large Diver Scallops wrapped in bacon    
Stuffed Jumbo Mushroom Caps * $2.50
per piece
  mushrooms stuffed with crab & spinach. Topped with cheddar cheese sauce    
Stuffed Hot Peppers * $2.50 per piece
  Hot peppers stuffed with sausage, Romano cheese, and bread. Topped with melted Provolone    
Mussels Red or White 45.00
full pan
  100 fresh PEI mussels prepared in a garlic white or tomato sauce    
House Made Chicken Tenders * 1.00
per piece
  Crispy fried served with honey mustard sauce    
  Soups by the Quart    
Lobster Bisque 26.00
  Our house made creamy lobster bisque with crab & shrimp {1 cup pp}    
Seafood Chowder 22.00
  House made creamy seafood bisque with potatoes, scallops, crab & shrimp {1 cup pp}    
Chicken Escarole 12.00
  House made with mini meatballs {1 cup pp}    
Pasta Fagioli 11.00
  House made with cannellini, kidney, garbanzo beans & pasta {1 cup pp}    
Maplewood House Salad 25.00
full pan
  Our famous house salad with spring mix & iceberg lettuce {1/4 lb pp}    
Roasted Peppers & Fresh Mozzarella 65.00 round tray
  House roasted peppers with fresh mozzarella & basil {1/4 lb pp}    
Roasted Seasonal Vegetables * 48.00
full pan
  Eggplant, onion, garlic, cherry tomatoes, zucchini, broccoli, cauliflower, carrots & mushrooms    
Scungili Salad 60.00 half pan
  Prepared with olives, onions, garlic and celery in a lemon olive oil vinaigrette {1 cup pp}    
Chicken Parmigiana * Full tray 70.00
  Grill fried breaded breasts with melted cheese & tomato sauce {1/2 lb pp}    
Veal Parmigiana * Full tray 107.50
  Grill fried breaded cutlets with melted cheese & tomato sauce {1/4 lb pp}    
Eggplant Parmigiana * Full tray 55.00
  Grill fried breaded eggplant with melted cheese & tomato sauce {1/2 lb pp}    
Baked Lasagna Full tray 65.00
  Layers of pasta, ricotta cheese, ground beef, sausage and tomato sauce {1/2 lb pp}    
Ravioli or St. Shells * Full tray 60.00
  Our traditional sauce over ricotta stuffed shells or ravioli {3 pp}    
Maplewood Crab Cakes - Pan Fried or Breaded & Deep Fried {Minimum order 6} Each 9.00
  Our famous all crab, crab cakes    
Shrimp Scampi * Full tray 198.00
  60 Jumbo {U15} shrimp & Jumbo lump crab in a garlic white sauce over mini penne
{Shrimp 3 pp, pasta 1/4 lb pp}
Shrimp & Broccoli * Full tray
  60 Jumbo {U15} shrimp & fresh broccoli florets in a garlic white sauce over mini penne
{Shrimp 3 pp, pasta 1/4 lb pp}
Crab Red or White Sauce * Full tray
  Jumbo lump crab in a garlic white sauce or our red crab sauce over mini penne
{Crab 4 oz pp, pasta 1/4 lb pp}
  Sandwich Meats & Roasts    
Roast Beef Full tray 80.00
  House roasted beef & gravy {1/4 lb pp}    
Roast Pork Full tray 65.00
  House roasted pork & gravy {1/4 lb pp}    
Roast Turkey Breast Full tray 55.00
  House roasted turkey with gravy {1/4 lb pp}    
Italian Sausage, Peppers & Onions * Full tray 60.00
  Fried Italian sausage {hot or sweet} with peppers & onions {1/3 lb pp}    
  Side Dish Vegetables    
  Broccoli Rabe Sauteed Garlic Olive Oil 5LBS 40.00
  Broccoli Rabe & Sausage {2 Lbs Sausage} 5LBS 48.00
  Spinach Sauteed Garlic Olive Oil 5LBS 26.00
  String Beans Almondine 5LBS 25.00
  Mashed Sweet Potatoes 5LBS 22.00
  Garlic Mashed Potatoes 5LBS 20.00
  Sauces & Dips    
  1 Quart traditional sauce Qt 9.75
  1 Quart marinara sauce Qt 9.75
  1 Quart Fra Diavolo sauce Qt 10.75
  1 Dozen Homemade meatballs {Plain no sauce} 12 13.95
  1 Dozen Italian Sausage {Plain no Sauce} 12 18.00
  6 Homemade Bracciola {with tomato sauce} 6 42.00
  Maplewood Extra Virgin Olive oil Bread Dip Qt 16.00
  Maplewood Extra Virgin Olive oil Bread Dip 1/2 QT 8.00
  Maplewood Bar Cheese Dip Qt 14.00
  Maplewood Bar Cheese Dip 1/2 QT 7.00
  Our Homemade Rice Pudding Qt 12.00
  Our Homemade Tira Misu 12-24 36.00
  Our Homemade Peanut Butter Cheesecake 12-16 28.00
  Our Homemade Vanilla Cheesecake 12-16 30.00
  Our Homemade Fruit Pies 8-16 20.00
  Our Homemade Banana Crème Pie 8-16 24.00
  Chocolate Fudge Layer Cake 12-16 42.00
  Seven Layer Carrot Cake 12-16 46.00
  Maplewood House Baked Long Baguette { cuts to 3-7" rolls} Each 2.00
  Maplewood Garlic Crostini {per pound} Lb. 4.00
  Half size portions are available on some items call for information.
Prices subject to change without notice!

Any item can be ordered hot & ready to eat or cold and ready to heat and serve.
We will provide heating or cooking instructions upon request!

If you wish to have any other menu item not listed here we will gladly prepare it for you if possible!
To place orders call 856-692-2011
If we are not available leave your number and we will return your call promptly!