Our Team


Mike is a very responsible employee whom we have come to depend on. His many important skills range from cooking to inventory control and building maintenance. After 7 years with us, he has become an extremely valuable part of our team.

Barry Manager/Bartender

Barry has worked with us for over 14 years and is one of the quickest and most efficient bartenders you’ll ever see! Well-known for his great tasting drinks and polite demeanor, he is admired by customers and co-workers alike. He has earned his place as a key man on our team!


Steve A. (Cheesy) Head Prep Cook/Kitchen Manager

Steve, a culinary graduate, has worked with us for 8 years. Starting as a busboy, he quickly realized his love for food preparation and restaurant hospitality. Working his way through culinary college, he is now our assistant kitchen manager. He loves cooking at home or on the job, where on a busy night, he may prepare as many as 30 to 40 artistic sauté dishes on his own.